Sydfyn, Danmark

Strandhuse 7
5762 V. Skerninge
Tlf: 6224 2434
Fax: 6224 2803

The bedroom in the apartment.

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 On the second floor we offer 5 rooms and a small apartment for our guests. On the first floor there is a shared kitchen and livingroom for the guests. 

Please note: Our facilities are not suitable for immobilized people (ie. people in wheelchairs).

The rooms were taken in use the 1st of Juli, 2005. We have named them after some of the small islands south of Fuenen. The sleeping-accommodations are dispersed like this:

1. Ærø 5 beds
2. Avernakø 2 beds
3. Drejø 2 beds
4. Skarø 4 beds
5. Bjørnø 2 beds
6. Svelmø 4 beds


All prices are given in DKR (Danish crowns) per overnight stay - bed linen and breakfast excluded.

1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons
Arpartment 650,00 700,00 750,00 800,00
Room w/open loft 350,00 400,00 450,00 x
Room 350,00 400,00 x x

Contact us for extra beds. Children under the age of 2 is free.
DISCOUNT: Order a room an entire week, and the 7th day is for free!

Linen 65,00 dkr
Change of linen 65,00 dkr

Linen is: sheet, quilt cover, pillow case and two towels.

Morning pr. adult 75,00 dkr
Breakfast pr. child (2-12 year) 35,00 dkr

The kitchen can also offer packed lunch, lunch and dinner.
Contact us if you have questions.