Sydfyn, Danmark

Strandhuse 7
5762 V. Skerninge
Tlf: 6224 2434
Fax: 6224 2803
Welcome to Southern Fuenen
In the beautiful Southern of Fuenen you will find Firkløvergård in rural idyll. Firkløvergård (which actually means "Farm of Four-leaf Clovers" in English) is a small homelike farm, where we among other things grow christmas trees, apples, plums and cherries. Most importantly we rent out comfortable rooms for turists, who visits us from all over the world.

Here you will find lovely nature surroundings with fields and woods. The farm is close to the sea, and it is possible to swim, bathe, fish or take a walk along the beach. The distance to Fjellebroen yacht habour is only 1 kilometer.

From Firkløvergård you have many options to explore Southern Fuenen - all you need is bicycles or a car. You can go to the beautiful Svanninge Bakker ("Svanninge Hills") in Faaborg, Egeskov Castle in Kværndrup, Tåsinge with Valdemar Castle and Landet church, and of course Svendborg - the second largest city on the island of Fuenen (the largest city is Odense).

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