Sydfyn, Danmark

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Fishing for trouts in Southern Fuenen.
Firkløvergård lies with almost directly acces to the sea, with great posibilities for fishing. Some of the best sea trout fishing spots in Europe are found along the shores of Fuenen. More than 100 fine fishing spots are found along the coast, and you will most likely be able to find other fishing enthusiasts. 

A golf vacation can also be arranged around Firkløvergård. Svendborg Golfclub lies only few kilometres north/west from Svendborg. In Svanninge Bakker you will find Faaborg Golfklub - perhaps one of the most beatiful golf courses on Fuenen. Last, but not least, there's Langelands Golfclub. In other words, you have 3 golf courses within reach.

If you would like to go biking in Denmark then Fuenen is the obvious island to visit. There is marked biking routes around the entire island, and good lay-bys along the road.

Fuenen is rich on culture, history and places worth seeing. I.e. you can go to Odense and see the birthplace and native soils of H. C. Andersen. Or what about a trip to the renaissance castle of Egeskov, where you can beautiful flowergardens, museums, playing grounds and the large famous maze of bushes.